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The rapidly changing socio-economic and political trends across the globe are compelling India to be more competitive, if it has to integrate itself to the global economy.  To achieve this end, we have to focus on several areas of which developing our human resources will occupy a pivotal role.

Human Resource Development for nation building can be achieved only through Public Instruction and Proper Education.  All the same time Human resources cannot be developed only through pedantic methods. It requires a broader vision wherein the co-scholastic domains of the child also need to be addressed.

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, since its inception, has been functioning with this perspective as its guiding principle for imparting a wholesome education to the child and has made its mark as one of the leading brands in school education.  The K.V. teachers who are assigned this task have been adequately oriented about the broader purpose of pedagogy.

KVS Kolkata region spanning over a vast area covering West Bengal, Sikkim, Andaman and Nicobar Islands has been always one of the well meaning part of the whole, that is KVS sharing the vision and mission of the organization with more than sixty schools under its umbrella, KVS Kolkata Region is surging ahead in all spheres of activities be it curricular or co-curricular. Given the vast potential lying within the students, teachers and other employees belonging to this culturally and intellectually rich part of this great country, I have no doubt that it is bound to metamorphose into a  vibrant and exemplary region among the rest of the regions of KVS.  It is my  hope that KVS Kolkata Region will prove to be the best among its equals and I exhort each and every member of this family to give their very best to make this Region scale newer heights in times to come.

Jai Hind

Mrs. PBS Usha