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Nabadwip :  (105 km - 2Hrs 8 mins)
Nabadwip in Bengali means nine islands and is an eastern town in the state of West Bengal and is close to Bangladesh.
Bankura :  (121 km - 2Hrs 7 mins)
Over recent years with the penetration of tourism into West Bengal getting deeper in to the state, Bankura Township, which is now actually a mini city
Kalna  :  (129 km - 2Hrs 29 mins)
Kalna also known as Ambika Kalna is a town in West Bengal dedicated to the Goddess Kali also known as Maa Ambika or Mother Ambika.
Kamarpukur  :  (136 km - 2Hrs 46 mins)
Located in the center of the state, the village of Kamarpukur is popularly associated as the birthplace of Ramakrishna after whom several educational bodies are named.
Bishnupur-West Bengal :  (141 km - 2Hrs 52 mins)
The many laterite and brick styled terracotta temples that were built at Bishnupur in the 17th and 18th centuries dominate Bishnupur tourism.